Finding your way round

The left hand menu

Inside the admin area, the left hand menu contains the following buttons:

  • Jetpack – Contains some codey things that we use on the site and you can skip over it.
  • Posts are productions, corporate acts and workshop entries. These are collected together on their relevant pages or viewed individually.
  • Media is the store for images and other uploads.
  • Pages are the main pages listed in the website menu – edit these here
  • Comments – not used on this site, ignore it
  • Snippets are posts with a specific role in the site design. Bit of info you can edit in the page template are here – like the contact info in the footer – along with the codey bits needed for the right column boxes, and also the front page big slides.
  • Site notes contains the help pages that you are reading right now. You can toggle into the Admin view of this help page to understand how the code works.

Accessing and deleting posts, pages and snippets

Click on Posts, Pages or Snippets in the left hand Admin menu and you will see a list of existing entries that you can edit, or the option to add a new one.

To get rid of anything (except media): in the Admin area, select move to bin if you are in the editing page for a specific post, or Bin when you hover over the title when viewing a list of pages or posts. These are not permanently deleted yet so you can get it back: click on bin at the top of the list view. From there you can either restore the entry or remove it permanently. Nothing in Bin will be shown on the website. The only option for Media items is to delete permanently.

Your pages

  • Home page – which includes information about your company
  • Productions – Introduction to the production side followed by the list of upcoming events
  • Corporate – Introduction to corporate entertainment followed by a selection of customer testimonials and a list of acts available.
  • Workshops – Introduction to workshops and masterclasses followed by a list of forthcoming workshops.
  • Cabaret – Description of the cabaret that ran at The Boards, and a list of each billing.

Looking for something specific?